2021 Virtual Summer Training - APPLICATION
This application is to be completed by all candidates who are interested in applying to a virtual summer course. Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your abilities. Please make sure the email address you enter is current and would be the one you use for all communications and virtual courses.

For further information on most of these courses, please click on this link:


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Rank *
Last Name *
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Current Proficiency Level *
Summer Virtual Courses - Levels as indicated - select any courses you may be interested in - more info on most courses at link at top of questionnaire
Flexibility *
Would the cadet like to be considered for other courses, positions or activities?
Citizen *
"Is the cadet a Canadian citizen?"
Music Course Additional Information
This section is to be completed by all cadets that have selected a music course as one of their selections. Completing this can increase your chance on getting into the course of your choice.
Which instrument do you wish to receive training
List all the school music programs you are a part of.
List all instruments you take private lessons on, and when you have taken these private lessons.
example: piano (Sep 2007 - Sep 2017), violin (Jun 2015 - Aug 2015)
List all other instruments you can play, and since when.
example: guitar (Oct 2016 - present), clarinet (Feb 2013 - Jul 2016)
Any remarks you would like to make.
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