National Youth Leadership Council Youth Advisory Council 2019-2021 Application

For 35 years, the National Youth Leadership Council has tapped into the passion, creativity, and ingenuity of all young people to make meaningful change happen. Our Youth Advisory Council is a team of servant-leaders dedicated to promoting youth leadership, service-learning, and education equity. By providing valuable perspectives to inform NYLC programming, including Teen Driver Safety, Education Equity, and Youth Leadership, YAC members contribute to the success of NYLC in reaching our mission to create a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world with young people, their schools, and their communities through service-learning.

YAC work alongside NYLC staff at the National Service-Learning Conference® and present various youth leadership workshops and trainings across the country. As a Youth Advisory Council member, YAC have an opportunity to use their talents and strengths to help NYLC develop young leaders. Together, we are leading the way to address real world issues with all young people, inspiring them to Serve. Learn. Change the world.®

Exemplify servant-leadership while advising NYLC programs through shared decision-making to transform communities and create positive social change in the world. YAC Goals


YAC will have full, intentional partnership within the organization, opportunities for personal and professional development, and authentic voice in decision-making through activities related, but not limited, to the Project Ignition, Youth4Education, and the National Service-Learning Conference.AC

YAC will build the capacity of Youth4Education and Project Ignition to advance social change in communities across the country.

YAC will provide trainings to their peers and/or adults on topics such as NYLC’s K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice, youth voice, youth/adult partnerships, or youth solutions to the opportunity gap in order to engage young people as solutions.

YAC will form effective youth-adult partnerships with NYLC staff and external partners. YAC will cultivate these partnerships and integrate adult perspectives into their work.

Additionally, YAC members will:
• Understand the functions of a non-profit and its organizational structures;
• Learn from experienced staff to build personal, social-emotional, leadership, and professional skills;
• Increase the ability to think critically and strategically; and
• Build a resume in unique and powerful ways.

• Have an understanding of the National Youth Leadership Council
• Be committed to one or more of the following:

o Youth voice and leadership
o Teen Driver Safety
o Opportunity Gap
o Social change
o Service
o Civic education and action
o Public policy
o Social media engagement
• Have an interest in public speaking (e.g., facilitating a workshop or training, emceeing, making a speech in front of an audience, etc.)
• Be able to serve up to two years consecutively
• Must be enrolled as an incoming high school freshman starting Fall 2017 up through a college/university freshman, at the time of application

• December 1, 2018: Applications open for 2019-2021 YAC cohort
• December 21 , 2018: Applications close for 2019-2021 YAC cohort
• December 26, 28, & 31: Interviews (invitation only)
• January 4, 2019: Selection, announcement, and orientation for YAC members
• January 7, 2019: Begin term of service at NYLC as the 2019-2021 YAC members

• Respect for self and others. Be open to diverse opinions and differing viewpoints.
• Challenge yourself and your fellow advisory council members. Speak your truth; experience discomfort; expect and accept non-closure.
• Participate wholeheartedly. Be on time; be fully present; listen generously; stay engaged.
• Maintain positive relationships. Friendships are encouraged, no sexual or romantic contact will be allowed.
• Any additional expectations as determined by the NYLC Youth Policies Manual.
• Participate in YAC meetings. Participation may be by phone or in person. This also includes attendance any designated committee meetings, as set by the committee on which you serve.
• If you are not able to participate in a YAC commitment including conference calls and meetings, you must contact NYLC staff as soon as possible and before the commitment occurs. You may be asked to complete some assigned tasks due to an absence.
• Any YAC member who misses 2 full YAC commitments within a 12-month period will be asked to reconsider their participation as a YAC member. This will involve a conversation with NYLC staff.
• Any YAC member who misses 3 unexcused full YAC commitments within a 12-month period will be asked to resign from the YAC. There will be no exceptions.


All YAC members will serve on at least one committee focused on the Youth4Education program, Project Ignition or the National Service-Learning Conference. Committees will determine meeting frequency. Committee attendance protocol will be determined by each committee as well, at that time.

All YAC members will complete a mid-year evaluation to assess their personal progress and identify areas of successes and challenges. More information about the mid-year evaluation and how it will be used will be discussed during the YAC training

YAC members meet at least once per month, for a minimum of one hour, via conference phone call or through an online platform. All members will be required to participate in these monthly meetings by phone or by computer.

Please note: the time commitment for a YAC member can vary from 8-10 hours/month up to 25 hours/event for participation at retreats, the National Youth Leadership Training, and the National Service-Learning Conference.

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