Become a NuMundo Ambassador!
Our team of ambassadors are enthusiastic, brave and passionate people who share the NuMundo values of positive leadership, love for nature, respect for the indigenous wisdom, diversity, integrity and sustainable living.

They are an important part of our network as the on-the-ground embodiment of NuMundo. Ambassadors help us grow, spread the NuMundo experience to the world, and lovingly empower others to join the movement.

They naturally connect with others and help us by supporting our Center’s missions and explorations; impact centers; holistic wellness, social and ecological projects, to come together and build the network that will allow us to share crucial information and resources to co-create and regenerate our planet, for us and future generations.

Being a NuMundo Ambassador offers unique personal rewards, like: access to training and development of new skills, contribution to a conscious startup (maybe your first working experience in the startup world), diverse living opportunities, places to practice different languages, fulfilment of your life’s passions and building lots of beautiful, magical, meaningful connections!
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