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Many people and businesses fail to show their true journey. They show us images and quotes of inspiration. They share when things are great and they get backed by seed funding or angel investors and how great it is to be a startup or entrepreneur. As someone who has Bootstrapped more than one business and sometimes failed, the reality is that being a startup or entrepreneur is hard. Not everyone gets angel investors. Not everyone succeeds. One huge take away I have learned this year when my cancer came back is that authenticity is not just about being real, it is about vulnerability. Sharing and showing what REALLY happens behind closed doors. I believe this knowledge could help people who attend to see the light of this world and by learning how to truly be authentic in business they would have more followers, clients, and supporters.

Each speaker will have 30 minutes time and a 5 minute break in between for Bio Break, etc.

If you are interested in being a Speaker at my Be Authentically U Event September 7th, 2019 10 am to 7pm, please submit your information for consideration. Speaker Applications Close May 31st.
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