LIFE CHIMERA - CHIcken Manure Exploitation  and RevaluAtion
                                                                                What is CHIMERA:
In 2015 the LIFE CHIMERA project has started, financed by the European Commission: CHIcken Manure Exploitation and RevaluAtion.  
The general objective of the LIFE CHIMERA project is to set-up a biomass pilot plant able to demonstrate a sustainable technology for the total deployment of chicken manure produced at farmers own premises and turn it into BIO-fertilizer.

In fact, the breakthrough concerns (i) an innovative biomass technology, able to burn manure, produce energy and release an N-P-K rich fertilizer (ii) and a plant concept thought for distributed applications, empowering the farmers or small districts to turn a cost for disposal into a sustainable business.
The plant benefits are:
                (i) Saving thermal energy (farm or district size),
               (ii) Saving electrical energy (farm or district size),
              (iii) Producing BIO fertilizer from manure (for own use and/or  sale),
              (iv) Tackling problems related to disposal, transport and emissions of manure

The project intends to contribute to the achievement of European air quality and emissions targets, through the reduction of ammonia and PM emissions from agriculture.
Furthermore, the projects will implement the circular economy concept, fostering the local use of bio-resources.

To achieve these targets, the project involves an emerging Italian SMEs, 3P-Engineering, and a pioneering Dutch Farm, Renders & Renders, as end-user willing to test and co-invest into the technology as early-adopter.

                                                                               Goals of this survey
The purpose of this survey is to validate a  stakeholder analysis to identify their positioning towards the project to better design engagement and exploitation strategies for future developments and cooperation!

With this on-line survey we ask 5 minutes of your time as we would like to understand your characteristics, like interest, attitude, influence and knowledge relevant for the project.

The procedure for this survey will require you to answer few questions about:
- Your professional profile
- Your vision and interest into the CHiMERA findings
If interested, we will be pleased to talk to you after the questionnaire. For any clarification you can ask to the managers of this analysis at

This survey is conducted in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework: the data you provide will be collected and maintained with full confidentiality, since they will be coded and anonymized from the point of submission and will no longer be individually identifiable; after this point it will be analyzed and reported collectively.

We are keen on knowing your opinion

Best regards

The CHIMERA Project Team

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