Does Ben's podcast suck or rule or what?
How much do you like listening to podcasts in general? [1=they're satan's spawn, 5=i'd die without them]
How interesting was the podcast, relative to other podcasts you like? [1=boring, 5=fascinating]
How likely would you be to recommend this podcast in general, assuming there were more episodes? [1=no way, 10=mos def]
Is Ben's voice nasal and annoying? [1=no, it sounds like honey, 5=like nails on chalkboard]
Should it be like wayyyy shorter? [1=it should have been even longer!, 5=it should have been wayyyy shorter]
Can you restate, in 5-10 words, without going back to the podcast page, what the heck the podcast is about?
Your answer
What did you like most?
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What did you dislike most?
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