2019 Creation Market Application
Student creators of all ages that are either Westport residents or students at a Westport school will be able to showcase or sell their work on June 8, 2019 from 12pm to 4 pm at Bedford Square in downtown Westport. The students will stay for the whole day, but attendees will come and go. We are looking for a diverse range of unique, originally-student-founded creations and businesses (for example: clothing, jewelry, handcrafts, artwork, music and performance, etc.) Our mission is to provide a platform for student creators to share their work with the community, and in doing so, fill a need and promote a resource for peer-to-peer connection by way of interest in local student creation. The final slate of participants will be decided and voted on by the Westport Youth Commission members and appropriateness of content will be up to our discretion. Accepted applicants will be provided with more information as the date approaches and will be asked to submit a $5 fee. All applications are due by Wednesday, May 1.
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If you answered yes to the previous question, please list the range in prices of your products.
If applicable, how long will it take to fulfill your orders taken at the Creation Market?
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If you answered yes to the previous question, do you have a food permit from the Westport/Weston health district to serve food? If you do not already have a permit, please contact us for more information about obtaining a permit (see contact info at bottom)
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Provide proof of your established business/creation (username and platform if social media, link for website, portfolio, pictures of work, etc.) *
List any special accommodations you may need (electricity, extra space, etc.) Please note we cannot guarantee all special accommodations.
If you have any additional questions, please contact us at westportyouthcommission203@gmail.com or reach out to one of our committee members. Happy creating!
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