Murray DWAP Sign-Up!
Mean! Median! Mode! Hear all about it from your favorite statistics professor with some GREAT Italian food!
Null Hypothesis: You will NOT have a great time at the dinner with Murray :-(
Alternative Hypothesis: CBHP rocks
P = .0001
Result: Reject the null hypothesis, great time with Murray guaranteed! #quickmaths
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Kevin had been briefing the boss at a staff meeting since he arrived at the office, too busy, even for a coffee. Worse than that, he'd skipped breakfast that morning because he got up late got ready in a hurry and drove off to work. He had a convertible but the top was up because it was cold. It was January. When he finally finished his busy meeting, he glanced at the new digital watch that he got for Christmas. "No wonder I'm hungry. It's 12:01, lunchtime," thinks Kevin. He heads out for the lunch at the deli across the street. He rushes through the streets of New York almost falling into the doorway of the Deli. The door was locked. A sign hung inside the door, 'CLOSED, We Open at 11:00 A.M. What happened?
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