Spirit Box Ambassador Hopefuls Summer 2017
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If you have been a Spirit Box Ambassador, what month did you start? If not, please enter HOPEFUL instead
Do you subscribe to Spirit Box (not required to be chosen) Please choose which box you subscribe to
If you are subscribed, what month/box was your favorite? If not subscribed, do you remember a box you loved we mailed out.
If you were a SB ambassador, what have you enjoyed about your time working with us? If you haven't been a SB ambassador yet, what makes you want to become part of our team?
Are you able to post 2 times per week as a Spirit Box Ambassador
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What other companies do you represent currently as an ambassador, model, etc.?
Do you represent any other subscription box? If yes, which one?
If you were an ambassador, did you get introduced to a new company through SB? Which one? If you are not a subscriber, which company would you love an introduction to?
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What makes you want to be a Spirit Box Ambassador this Summer? Here is your chance to tell us why we should select you to work with us over the next 3-6 months.
What types of events would you like to see Spirit Box be a part of?
What size do you wear for sport tanks/sports bras?
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What size do you wear in athletic shorts (like Nike Pros)
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