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BeoLarp is an Un/session for the upcoming BABEL conference in Toronto. We will take the text of Beowulf off the books by transforming it into a live-action roleplaying game, or “larp.” Attendees may sign up in advance for the game using this form.

No previous gaming experience is necessary. Rules of game play and safety will be explained as part of the session.

Although this is by no means a formal academic presentation, we intend to use this game to explore questions of the boundaries between academic and non- or para-academic experiences of academic material. We have chosen Beowulf both because it is well-known and because of its position in the medieval canon.

Through our game, we ask: what does it mean to “know” this text? What other lives does this text have, and how can we encounter them? Does the transformation of this text into other media subvert or reify its place in the canon? How can gaming explore gaps either in the text or between what the text says and what non-academics think the text says? What new knowledge can be gained about Beowulf when it is experienced in a new way?

The game will run on October 8th, the Thursday before the conference, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. It will be held in the Great Hall, Centre for Medieval Studies, Lillian Massey building.

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