VdGS-NE Fall Workshop Application (2018)
Registration deadline is October 6, 2018. Late registrants will be accepted only if space is available.
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NOTE: Please make checks payable to "VdGS-NE" and send to: Sybil Kevy, 154 Plain Road, Wayland, MA 01778-2425. Registration deadline is September 28, 2018. Late registrants will be accepted only if space is available. Note: If you are unclear about your membership status, it might help you to know that our fiscal year ends on August 31.
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Registration Deadline: October 6. Please make your check payable to VdGS-NE and send to: Sybil Kevy, 154 Plain Rd., Wayland, MA 01778-2425
(We will try to get PayPal up and running soon, but for now, please send a check!)
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