2019 IIIEE Alumni Conference Sessions
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This survey is put together so that ExComm can try and sort out a good order to have our sessions in, and which room might be good for each. Each session is 1 or 1.5 hours long.

Filling out this survey does not sign you up for any of these sessions or commit you to attend or not any particular session

Please fill it out before May 15
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A critical look at financing climate change
Digital Approach to Waste Management in Malaysia
Advancing Sustainable Finance: Challenges and Solutions from Practitioners
CleanTech showcase
Total Transition: The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution (Book Talk)
Environmental activism in the digital age, study cases from Europe and Canada
How to fix the financial system
In the future, cars will drive you!
What is the nexus between climate change and peacebuilding in Colombia?
Implementing environmental improvement through innovative technology - reflections from the field of air quality.
Mentoring IIIEE network laucn
Sustainability in Heath Care and Life Sciences
Entrepreneurs and start-ups (principals into practice)
Strategic procurement for urban sustainability in the East
How to build an economy that benefits all life
EMP program - what alumni need to know about engaging students
SED Host Reflections
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