Tree Care Advisor Volunteer Hours
If you are a Tree Care Advisors and looking to report hours to fulfill your minimum 25 hour yearly requirement, please complete this form. The form allows you to report by individual activity if preferred or by lumping similar activity hours together as they are categorized.

Types of volunteer hours include: Outreach (teaching, answering questions, preparing for tabling events/booths, etc), Community Activities (hands-on tree work such as pruning, planting, watering, mulching, etc.), and Community Engagement (sitting on a tree board, writing articles, planning events, etc.).

If you are submitting lump hours for multiple types of volunteer work (example: 4 hours for Outreach and 9 hours for Community Activities), please complete these as two separate records. There are five entry pages in this form if needed.
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Volunteer Member Number *
Please see your Volunteer Certificate or Member Card to find your volunteer member number. If you are unsure or need a reminder of your volunteer number, please e-mail
Type of Volunteer Activity *
Hours Volunteering *
Please record the amount of time in hours that you volunteered on or within the dates listed above. You volunteer hours may include drive time.
Date(s) Volunteered *
Please estimate or record the dates through which you are reporting volunteer activities.
Location(s) where volunteering *
Please record the city or zip code in which you volunteered or the volunteer event took place in.
Mileage (optional)
Feel free to report the mileage to and from the event for you records.
If you wish to expand on any of the volunteer opportunities you took part in, please feel free to share as little or as much detail as you see fit below. This section is also for your reference at a later date.
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