Fall '24: UCRNLP Lab Position Inquiry


This is Yue. Thank you for your interest in working with me. If you are interested in joining my lab, please read the following details carefully. Finding the right advisor for your PhD journey is a crucial first milestone in achieving your research goals, and I hope to be the one who can support you through a joyful and fruitful PhD experience.

I am looking for students who have experience in ML/NLP and who have demonstrated a sufficient background to succeed in NLP research. This requires strong coding skills and a curious mind.

There are two ways to get into my lab (both are viable options!):

1. Less Effort Route:
   - Apply directly through the UCR website: https://www1.cs.ucr.edu/graduate/admissions
   - List me as a potential advisor (you can list multiple advisors).
   - Your file will be reviewed by the graduate committee. 
   - If your file is recommended to me and I find it of interest, we will proceed with a formal interview process.

2. More Effort Route:
Alternatively, you can do a research test and fill out the application form. This will catch my attention if your background and research interests impress me, and I am open to discussing potential next steps directly via a Zoom meeting with you.
   - Submit your CV.
   - Complete the qualification section (list your publications here if you have any).
   - Fill in the PhD research interest section.
   - Conduct one of the two small tests and share your code and report.
   - Email me after you submit all above in the form. 

Please note that the more effort-intensive route requires significantly more time from both of us than Option 1, where the selection process is delegated to the UCR committee. I will only follow up if I am extremely interested in working with you and if I can see your serious commitment to joining my lab.  

If this is the case, please upload the files here https://forms.gle/k6FvEZXo3h59dQpa9 and email me after your application submission (if you do not have a google account or face trouble uploading, directly email me with the required materials for option 2). 
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Research Skill Test 
To test your skills and be fair to all applicants, I am currently asking all interested students to conduct a text summarization analysis before scheduling an interview with me. 

 1. The task is to apply and analyze the watermarking algorithm (https://arxiv.org/pdf/2301.10226.pdf) on a pre-trained summarization model (T5, BART, Flan, or others) and a summarization dataset (CNN, Xsum, or others). 

 2. Alternatively, I am asking students interested in AI safety to analyze the paper on multi-modal adversarial attacks (https://arxiv.org/pdf/2303.16378.pdf). 

Please email me after you submit the form and all required materials. 

 Best regards, 
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