GCCBOSC 2018 Birds-of-a-Feather Submission
Thanks for your interest in forming a BoF at GCCBOSC2018. Please submit your Birds-of-a-feather session idea here.. The Conference Organizers will then create a schedule page for the BoF and advertise it. See
https://gccbosc2018.sched.com/overview/type/B.+Conference/Birds-of-a-Feather for a list of topics that are already planned.
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What name should we use when publishing and advertising this BoF?
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What's the BoF about? Who is the target audience? What should people come prepared to discuss? The text can contain links.
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We will do our best to schedule BoFs at convenient times and so that concurrent BoFs complement each other, rather than compete with each other. We'll provide space for BoFs over lunch and on the Reed Campus. If you opt for BoFs With your Dinner (or otherwise off-campus) then we'll provide you with recommendations.
Audio visual requirements *
We have no shortage of places for the informal gatherings that many BoFs are. However, we have limited options that come with a projector and screen. What are your AV requirements for this BoF?
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A wild guess will do.
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Additional organizers
Please provide the names and email addresses of any additional BoF organizers. We will give these people edit privileges on the BoF page, and you will be listed as BoF moderators
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