Westridge Redevelopment - Preferred Master Plan Concept Survey 3.0
The Denver Housing Authority (DHA) is preparing a master plan that will guide the phased demolition and redevelopment of Westridge Homes. Please take a look at the Preferred Master Plan Concept Presentation before completing this survey. You may also contact a member of the project team to go through the presentation with you. Thank you for your review and input!

You can access the online presentation here:

Westridge Redevelopment Preferred Master Plan and Concepts
1. Please score the Westridge Redevelopment Preferred Master Plan & Concepts overall. *
Red sticker - NO, this needs work
Green sticker - YES, I support this
2. Please list the top reasons why you rated the plan as you did. (i.e. I like .... OR I don't like....)
3. Please score the Master Plan key concepts from 1 (Not important) to 5 (Very important).
i. Incorporate diverse housing options to serve a range of different households *
ii. Design projects, buildings, and site amenities that support healthy living project goals *
iii. Create a transit-oriented entrance to the neighborhood in phases I & II by concentrating higher density mix-use buildings along 13th closest to the transit station *
iv. Provide an enhanced pedestrian experience along 13th Ave with space for community services, streetscape, and a stormwater solution/amenity *
v. Transition to lower density residential building to the north and west to transition to adjacent single family zoning *
vi. Maximize number of units with front or back door access to street, open space, gardens, or playgrounds *
vii. Incorporate green space and quality community amenities within blocks *
viii. Partner to improve the safety of pedestrian crossings to Paco Sanchez, Knox St. Station, and West Colfax *
Draft Project Goals - the proposed project goals would guide all phases of development for the Westridge Redevelopment
4. Please score the proposed Westridge Redevelopment Project Goals overall. *
Red sticker - NO, these need work
Green sticker - YES, I support this
5. Tell us what you like, don't like, and/or what is missing from the Westridge Redevelopment Project Goals.
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