2020 Encore! Membership Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in Encore! We will be in touch shortly. The membership committee will review your application and then conduct a phone interview at your convenience.
Email address *
Please indicate which performance you would like your child(ren) to audition for: *
Supervising Parent's Name *
Supervising Parent's Email *
Supervising Parent's Address and Cell Phone *
Name, gender, grade, age, and email of each student who wishes to be in the cast: *
Please describe the acting, singing, and/or dance experience each student already has. Thank you.
Number of years you have homeschooled *
Name of any homeschool co-op you are a member of, if any. Email contact for director of co-op: *
Do you know any families currently in Encore who can provide a character reference for you and your children? If so, please list them. *
Please provide email contact information for three individuals who can speak to your character and the respectfulness of the students who wish to participate. Thank you. *
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