Do you want to perform at the Slot Art Festival 2020? CLICK HERE
We get a huge amount of offers from artists who want to perform at the Slot Festival. We're not able to answer all your emails, so to make communication easier we will accept APPLICATIONS ONLY VIA THIS FORM.

All the people responsible for stages at SAF have access to it. From December to April these people will be working on the line-up for their stage. If they feel your proposition fits with their plan, they will contact you directly.

You can find the email addresses for the festival director and the program adminIstrator on the festival website but PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CONCERT PROPOSITIONS TO THEM. Please only contact them in exceptional circumstances.

Don't worry - the offers sent to us on this form won't get lost. We'll look them over carefully and keep them safe.

See you at Slot!
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