Small Group Ideas
What's your proposal for a small group discussion on February 19, 2020 from 7:00 to 8:30pm ET?

We're looking for leaders & facilitators of small group discussions. What would you most like to discuss with others?

What's your pitch?

Can you lead an interactive discussion that will be meaningful for a group of others animated by Pope Francis' invitation?

We'd love to have you -- please submit your proposal before February 11 and we'll share with all those who RSVP so that during the ~30 minutes of break out small groups (approximately 7:30 to 8pm on Feb 19) you can lead the group of folks that signs up for your session.

Thanks so much, we'll follow up with more details before the 19th.
What's the title of your small break-out group Session? (Make it catchy and enticing -- 3-7 words) *
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What's your Pitch? (one paragraph on why they should join you and more of what you're thinking?) *
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