FOCUS GROUPS: Perspectives on School Discipline in Davis and Salt Lake City Public School Districts

We are looking for:

Students in the Davis and Salt Lake City School District. Including current 15-20 year old's enrolled, previous, or dropped out.

Parent/family/or caregiver who had or currently has a student in the Davis county or Salt Lake City School District. Those under 18 will need permission from their guardian!

Teachers who are or were working in the Davis and Salt Lake City School District .

District personnel such as counselors or teachers who are or were working in the Salt Lake City School District.

Administrators at the school or district level.

Lawyers and judges that have currently or previously worked in the juvenile justice system.

Please keep in mind that those under 18 are required to have a guardian sign a permission slip.

1. Racially Just Utah is a local nonprofit with a history of providing training's, conferences, research, and resources related to educational equity and school discipline.

2. Your personal and professional point of view is needed to help us further learn and become aware of issues we are unaware of.

3. We want to know what you think about public school discipline-kindergarten to 12th grade.


5. This focus group is a conversation, not a clinical trial. The information gathered will influence our and our partners training decisions on creation of resources and policy advocacy.

6. Each focus group will happen 1 time for approximately an hour and a half.

You will be giving your perspective on the following questions:
1. How do you define traditional discipline in schools?
2. What are your thoughts on traditional discipline in schools?
3. How do you define restorative justice practices?
a. After definition is given, how did you react to this definition and how do you feel about restorative just now?
4. What are problems with current school discipline? What are strengths?
5. What changes would you like to see happen regarding school discipline?

WHEN: March 19th through March 31st at different times.
WHERE: Salt Lake City, Utah. Exact locations may vary depending on the time slot chosen.

NEXT STEPS: Kathy will email you if you were chosen to be part of the study and send you a Doodle link for scheduling.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

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Kathy Abarca will select participants and email them a link for scheduling via Doodle poll. Thank you for your time and interest!
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