Willow Oak Montessori Request for Excused Absence for Educational Reasons
The North Carolina General Assembly passed General Statute 115C-378, entitled the Compulsory Attendance Law, in 1955, and has continued to amend it since then. This law, in conjunction with the rules and regulations of the North Carolina State Board of Education, makes parents and legal guardians responsible and accountable to ensure that their child’s absences from school are valid. Several types of valid absences are established by the rules and regulations set forth by the State Board of Education. Two of those types are absences resulting from religious observances and educational opportunities of a significant nature. Willow Oak Montessori requires advance permission for excused absences for educational reasons.

For an absence to be excused for educational reasons, the intent of the experience should have been educational from the outset and comparable to that which the student would have experienced in school. Family trips and vacations that were not initially designed to be educational will not be excused. Signing this form documents that this absence is for valid educational purposes. The Head of School should deny the request if the cumulative effect of such absences would substantially interfere with the education of the student. If the Head of School does not approve this request, you will be promptly notified.

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