Collaboration Funder - What do you think?
Many thanks for helping us co-design Collaboration Funder, a new way to fund and learn across health and care.

We've just launched the website ( in beta mode (ie. we've still got lots to do), and think there's great potential for this new approach to support learning and improvement. We now need your views to help make the idea a reality.

It does require a bit (but not much!) knowledge of what Collaboration Funder is all about. If you want a recap, just pop to: So, thanks in advance! And if you're ever near our offices, come by for a coffee and a biscuit.

I'm primarily coming at this as someone potentially interested in using Collaboration Funder to...
My level of interest in the concept of Collaboration Funder is...
Zilch. Pass the TV remote.
Sky high. Where do I sign?
My views on the different parts of the idea are...
Hate it
Don't like it
Like it
Love it
Mix of funders - Ability to split costs between purchasers (receiving a product) and donors (just supporting financially)
Shared funding - Lower cost for projects because of co-funding
Learning together - Opportunity to learn from others with similar challenges
Innovation - Potential for innovative projects proposed by mission-driven organisations
Values - Projects posted by mission-driven organisations
Open source - Project resources becoming open source at a set point
Easy to collaborate - Making collaboration open and transparent
The degree to which I get what Collaboration Funder is all about is...
I really don't. What is it again?
Completely. Very straight forward.
The two factors which would make me most likely to use Collaboration Funder are...
The single piece of advice I would give you to make this fly is...
Your answer
Before I go, I'd also love to tell you...
Thoughts. Observations. Questions. Recipes. Those thoughts lurking at the back of your head...
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I'd predominantly describe myself as a ...
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