GUITAR WOLF presents Shimane Jett Fes2019Challenge to crowdfunding  (Overseas use)
If Shimane is rising, Japan, the world, and the universe will be rising!
Everyone! Send me the power!

Hey there, this is Seiji of Guitar Wolf.
I’m asking for your crowdfunding support for my festival Shimane Jett
Fes to take place in my hometown of Shimane, Japan on September 21,
My goal is to raise enough money to make this festival free of admission
so that all fans can come together to discover unknown Japanese bands in
this majestic, beautiful setting of the Kososhi Park in Shimane
prefecture that was built upon an ancient Japanese pyramid.

For the last 26 years, I have had the fortune to travel around the world
because of my love for Rock’n’Roll. So many great musicians and bands
touched upon my life and impacted my music. At this festival, I am
introducing some of the best bands that Japan can offer. I want to keep
doing this for years to come so that the world would start noticing this

Shimane prefecture, the location of this festival, is known for its
roots in Japanese folktales and many mysteries based on them. This is
also where I grew up dreaming of merging Rock’n’Roll, ancient gods and
UFO. I hope to inspire the landing of an UFO on top of this pyramid and
share that experience with all of you.

My festival will have the best concession stands and food trucks
including my mom’s soup stand. She will be cooking up her speciality of
miso soup with shijimi, locally harvested clam. This alone might change
your life. We will also have shijimi ramen, dishes made with local
Shimane beef among others, and lots of beer.

Thank you for your consideration for crowdfunding support. Here are the


⚡️For $40⚡️ You will receive a voice mail maessage recorded personally by Guitar Wolf Seiji himself! Here’s how the message goes.”Hey!This is (your name).Leave a message if you wanna get a hold of me. Rock’n Roll!!!!”This will be delivered to you as an mp3 file attached to your email.You are responsible for figuring out how to add the message to your phone to be played as your voice mail.

⚡️For $100⚡️ You will receive I Love Guitar Wolf Tote Bag, “Thank You” video
message from Guitar Wolf, and your name on the Priority Guest List*.

⚡️For $200⚡️ you will receive all of $100 perks, plus a T-shirt of your
choice from Guitarwolfshop USA (

⚡️For $300⚡️ you will receive all of $200 perks, plus a special video recap
of Shimane Jett Res 2019

About *Priority Guest List*
If your name is on this list, you are guaranteed to get admission into
this festival, no matter the size of crowd it might bring in the event
of a free show.
If we don’t reach our crowdfunding goal, tickets are sold at 5,000 yen,
but if you have already participated in this crowdfunding, your name
will be on the Priority Guest List and you don’t have to purchase
You can transfer Priority Guest List entry to your friend in Japan if
you are unable to attend.


【Thank you for your support for Guitar Wolf.】

To make your contribution via PayPal,
please follow the instructions below.
1) Enter your mail address
2) Enter your name
3) Enter the amount of contribution in the message.
If you are donating $200 or $300, enter also the T-shirt of your choice (name and size) selected from
4) Click the blue button on the bottom.
We will email our PayPal invoice.

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