Steve Yeager for Nevada Assembly District 9 residents community feedback form
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Please rate your satisfaction with state lawmakers' job performance on the following issues:
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Education: Public K-12
Education: After School Programs
Education: Parental Support Programs
Education: High School Graduation Rates
Education: Standardized Test Frequency and Scores
Education: Bullying
Education: Trade Schools
Education: Public Higher Ed
Education: Minimum Wage laws
Education: Race/Class Outcome Differences
Work: Overtime pay laws
Work: Affordable child care
Work: Paid Family Leave
Work: Paid Maternity Leave
Work: Jobs for Nevadans of all education and skill levels
Work: Jobs with long-term security
Work: Jobs programs for young people
Work: Jobs programs for those age 50+
Work: My personal, long-term financial security
Work: Collective Bargaining Rights
Work: Minimum Wage Laws
Public Safety: Police Response Times/Presence
Public Safety: Police De-Escalation Training
Public Safety: Violent Crime
Public Safety: Property Crime
Public Safety: Mental and Behavioral Health Services
Public Safety: White Collar Crime
Public Safety: Rehabilitation for people who've committed crimes
Public Safety: Homelessness
Healthcare: Consumer Products Safety
Healthcare: Health Insurance affordability
Healthcare: Prescription affordability
Healthcare: Community Health Clinics
Healthcare: Rehabilitation for people with substance abuse issues
Healthcare: Aging & Disability Services
Environment: Air Quality
Environment: Drought-Readiness
Environment: Quality
Environment: Conservation
Taxes/Fees: Fairness to Large Businesses
Taxes/Fees: Fairness to Small Businesses
Taxes/Fees: Fairness to Low/Middle Income Earners
Taxes/Fees: Fairness to High Income Earners
Taxes/Fees: Collecting Enough Revenue to Pay For What You Want Government to Do
Taxes/Fees: Spending Your Tax Dollars Wisely
Taxes/Fees: Protecting Your Tax Dollars from Waste/Fraud/Abuse
Infrastructure: Public Transportation
Infrastructure: Traffic Safety
Infrastructure: Walkable communities
Infrastructure: Road Quality
Infrastructure: Traffic Congestion
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State leaders are considering a proposal to raise the room tax and spend $750 million in taxpayer funds to build a new 64,000 seat stadium to bring an NFL team to Las Vegas. Do you support this idea?
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Do you support finding another public funding mechanism for Educational Savings Accounts?
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Do you support Question 2, the measure on recreational marijuana?
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Do you support Question 1, the measure on background checks?
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Additional comments on Infrastructure
Additional comments on Taxes/Fees
Additional comments on Water
Additional comments on Health & Safety
Additional comments on Work
Additional comments on Education
Additional comments on any issues not listed
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