Open and free bicycle hospitality exchange service
We are a group of passionate users of
We love the possibilities of that community and the spirit of its members.

WarmShowers used to be open and inviting. Discussions were held in public, feedback and questions were handled in a publicly visible forum, membership was possible for everyone and free.

Unfortunately, a lot of that changed in the past years: Decisions are now made by a board that is hardly reachable and does not give insights to their decision process, critics are not welcome, membership is only available to the ones that can afford it, apps became highly priced and source code was made private, ...

That direction made us, a group of volunteers (former developers of the old WarmShowers app for Android), decide to build an alternative platform for a world-wide community of bicycle travellers and those who want to host them.

We envision a platform from the community for the community. A community that welcomes everyone. A community that does decisions democratically. A community full of possibilities and hospitality.
Let us become open and transparent again. Forever.
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A vivid community requires enough active members
One of our biggest concerns is whether we are able to get the people that currently form the big and wonderful community of to move to something new.
For us there are two options: We can either build something new or try to join something that already exists.
Please, give us some feedback what you would consider doing.

Also, please ask your WarmShowers friends to fill this form, too. Thank you! :)
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Where did you or plan to host/cycle?
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We are looking for a name! Do you have a suggestion? ;-)
Anything else you'd like to share with us?
If we decide to built something new, we'll post an update to 

You can also join our Facebook group "Open Alternative to": 
If you add your email address we will keep you up-to-date about what we are doing.
Help needed!
We are a very small team at the moment. We are looking for people that share our vision and would like to contribute to the project.
If you are experienced in setting up a non-profit organization, building community or are a developer that knows how to build a platform like ours, please contact us here:

We appreciate everyone who wants to help.
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