NCPH Official membership form

CAUTION: This group is in no way affiliated to the National Cosplayers of the Philippines or National Cosplayers Federation (NCF). Both of these groups are newly created by former members of the group who wanted to take a path on their own. We are respecting their contribution to this group, however, we want to continue the path which the group started and that is being a family, united as one.

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    Be part of the Next Generation!

    We are NCPH not because we cosplay Naruto characters but because we want to live by Naruto's ninja way.


    As a member of NCPH you will be given the following privileges: 1. Acquisition of the NCPH ID and Privilege Card. 2. Priority in NCPH partner events which needs cosplayers. 3. Priority in event coverage and media exposure. 4. Membership training and enhancement. 5. Discount in NCPH organized events for tickets and registration fees. 6. Ability to become an officer in the organization. 7. Assignment of a membership permanent number. 8. Access to NCPH Dojo.


    All Gennin and Shinobi members shall have the following responsibilities: • Protect the name and honor of the organization. • Follow the rules and regulations of the organization. • Pay the monthly dues of Fifty Pesos (P50.00) • Be active in all groups that you are a member in. • Promote NCPH events. • Follow and respect NCPH Elders and other officers. • Be punctual at all times. • Never entertain nor create rumor or false accusations within the organization. • Respect one another and avoid perversion.