Entryform Tuareg Rallye 2018
For driver and co driver. Fill in one entry form for each person. Für Fahrer und Beifahrer. Pro Person ein Formular ausfüllen.
Enter the two letters of group CP or MP... As co driver enter the name of the driver
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Given Name
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With country code. +49 1727097274 or +39 1456789243
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Add on Service
Rolled Roadbook instead standart roadbook 40€
Double room instead camping 2x250€
Single room instead camping 1x500€
Name of room partner
If you book single enter "single". If you book camping enter "name of person you share room" in hotel of winner party. If you do not know yet enter "will follow" In January you can send us his name or if you decide to stay alone in the room you can upgrade to single.
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Motorbike transport service
If you want to order motorbike service together with your entry enter Number and Letter. Example A1 or C3.... If you have your own serviceteam or if you make the service agreement direkt with the team enter name of your serviceteam. Example EAO, Memotours....
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