Transfer Request
This form is to be used for any transfers from Billiar protocols to any other protocol. Requests must be completed by THURSDAY before 8:00am in order to be marked for transfer that week. Anything submitted after this time will wait until the following week.

We will post a spreadsheet with the clipboards each week on the status of requests. If you would like this information electronically, please let either Danielle or Deb know. Please note that this will only show the progress that we have made and will not reflect whether or not DLAR has approved the transfer. You may not take or use anything until the DLAR transfer has been approved.

If you need to make changes to a previous request or have any questions, please email, or talk to Danielle or Sean for help.

*****With the CAMs system, you CANNOT take animals before the transfer has been approved and completed by the DLAR staff - doing so will mess up the system!******
As of February 18, 2016, we will now be taking animal inventory and marking transfers on THURSDAY each week. Requests must be made before 8:00am on Thursday to be marked for that week. This also means that approval and physical transfer by DLAR will likely occur one day later than in the past - please plan for this when requesting mice.
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Contact Information
Provide email address that YOU, not your PI, can be reached at if there are any questions about your request
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Protocol Number
Number of the protocol mice are to be transferred onto
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Room number in 9th floor facility.
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If you need both sexes, you will need two requests.
Special Request
Age match to certain strains, specific age range, etc
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