Hail no?
Hey everyone! This is Maria from The Hill is Home. According to a recent Washington Post poll, most Washingtonians support plans for the Washington Football Team to come back to DC (but not the price tag, because $$$). I wonder if they would get different or similar results if they asked those who'll be the most affected by that decision-- namely, residents of Hill East.

With that in mind, please share your view and your neighborhood. At this point in time, I'm only seeking replies from the two zip codes closest to RFK stadium. If you don't live near this area, but have friends who do, please spread the word.
Just a heads-up: I am NOT collecting your email address, but I do need for you to enter your email address, so we can have only one vote per email address. Thank you so much for your participation!
Where in town do you live? *
Do you want the Washington Football Team (WFT) back in DC? *
Would you want the WFT in DC, but just not in Hill East? *
What do you call the neighborhood in which you live? *
Thank you so much for participating!
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