Join our Twitter Bounty Campaign
Help us grow our community and earn MRC tokens. We will reward your activity on Twitter with MRC tokens.

We will announce the start of the program on our blog. You can also sign up here and receive a notification, when the program begins.

Please take 60 seconds to enroll in our Twitter bounty program.

How to participate?
1. Follow the Mercatoapp page ( on Twitter.

2. Register for the Twitter bounty program.

3. Get involved! Check out our website, whitepaper, one-pager and other material that is available on our website. Ask questions, find topics you would like to understand better, let us know where we can improve our presentation or simply highlight what things that are important to you.

Rules & Rewards
- Follow our official Twitter Account:
- Your account must have at least 200 followers.
- Only one twitter account per person is allowed.
- You have to retweet and like at least 5 tweets per week from our Official twitter account
- You have to post at least 2 tweets per week about Mercato. Max 1 tweet per day.
- You must use our hashtags (#mercato, #mercatowallet) or mention our twitter handle @mercatoapp.
- Tweets must be in English and should be posted here every week.

- 200-1999 real followers: 5 stakes/week
- 2000 and above: 10 stakes/week

15% of Bounty program allocated to Twitter campaign

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