Fuzzy Vaughn's Sales Application
By completing this form, you agree to the Sales Agreement.

1. Any angoras sold with show coats 3” in length or more, there will be a surcharge of $100. I will be happy to shear the show coat before you take possession of the rabbit.

2. A rabbit is considered to be reserved after a 50% deposit is paid via check, cash or Paypal.

3. If the sale is not completed because of issues with the buyer, the deposit is non-refundable. If the sale is not completed because of issues that are mine, or those of my rabbits then the deposit will be quickly and happily refunded. If the rabbit(s) remain at our farm for an extended period of time additional costs may be discussed related to feed and board.

4. If a trade agreement is entered into it is assumed that the trade will be completed within a 12 month/1 year period. If not completed by that time a monetary value will be placed, and become due, for the breeding stock previously traded.

5. Within reasonable limits the health of our rabbits are warrantied for 1 month from the date of possession by the buyer. Everything will be discussed and handled on a case by case basis. To date there has never been an issue with any of our sold stock.

6. We do not ship. Because of where we live there are issues in both the winter and summer with availability of air travel, not to mention the extreme cost involved. BUT we will work with the buyer to try to find alternative transportation through other rabbit breeders that may be traveling in the direction you require. No warranties are made for the transport once we have turned over the rabbit(s) and it is out of our control.

7. I offer minimum 1 year mentorship with all angora purchases. Thanks to the internet and social media, it enables me to assist in ways not normally available due to sometimes long distances. If I don't have the answers, there is a terrific network of angora lovers we can tap into. You may never feel like you are alone.

** These policies have been outlined and put into place not only for our protection, but yours as well.
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