Letters From the NORTH POLE

Have you been naughty or nice?


Deb can have Santa send a letter directly to a person of your choice.

Deb and her Elves will contact Santa and let him know about all the GOOD this year! (there really was a lot of GOOD that did happen!)

SANTA will send your child a personalized letter! Wouldn’t that bring a HUGE SMILE to anyone’s face!?!?!?!

This is EASY & FREE! Anyone can join in!!

Simply fill out this FORM and hit SUBMIT.

Soon a letter from SANTA will arrive!

Imagine the excitement the children will have!!

All forms MUST be SUBMITTED no later than November 23, 2020

“We can’t miss the deadline!! Or Santa may not be able to get to all letters in time!”
Email address *
FIRST name of recipient? *
(please capitalize the first letter. This will be a CUSTOM part of the letter from Santa)
LAST name of recipient? *
(Please use capital Letter where needed)
Mailing address of recipient? *
City of recipient? *
Santa will make a reference to stopping by their town on Christmas Eve. (Please use a Capital letter at the beginning of the City. How you type this is how it will appear in the letter.
State of recipient? *
Zip Code of recipient? *
What is one gift they would like for Christmas? *
(the sentence in the letter reads: (I heard you might like a "gift" under the tree christmas morning? Please fill in your answer so that the sentence makes sense when the item they want is inserted to replace the work GIFT)
Is there a certain accomplishment the recipient is proud of? *
The sentence in the letter reads: "I was thrilled to see you "ACCOMPLISHMENT" How Wonderful!" Please fill in the answer that will make sense when their accompaniment is inserted to replace the word ACCOMPLISHMENT Example: Learned how to ride a bike... got straight A's etc.
Is there "someone special" that should be recognized in the recipients eyes?
The sentence in the letter reads: "I am sure you are taking wonderful care of «Someone_special» and are being a big helper to your family this holiday season."
Your FIRST Name *
Your LAST Name *
Your PHONE number
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