Parent/Guardian Commitment Form
Parent cooperation is critical to growth and development. This is why I AM Valuable wants you to partner with us to allow your change agent to flourish. With your continued support is much appreciated. Below is a list of commitments that we ask of you to complete while your change agent is enrolled in this course. Please initial every statement.
Email address *
Parent or Guardian Name and Number *
Commitment # 1: I commit to speaking encouragement into my child each day! *
Commitment #2: I commit to ensuring that my child has a quiet space to complete their weekly assignments! *
Commitment #3: I commit to checking that assignments are completed each week! *
Commitment #4: I commit to ensuring that my child is present for class on time! *
Commitment #5: I commit to ensuring that my child is present for their one-on-ones! *
Commitment #6: I commit to notify Dr. Ricks if my child will not be able to make class and to ensure that they receive the content and assignment for missing class! *
Commitment #7: If I hear my child speaking negatively of themselves, I will immediately remind them of who they are and encourage them to speak positively of themselves! *
Commitment #8: I commit to having active communication with Dr. Ricks throughout this program on the behalf of my child! *
Date *
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