Comicstreet 2018 Table Application
Fill out this form to apply for ComicStreet 2018, taking place at the Queen St Stage on July 7th 2018.
We may reject applicants for any reason (inappropriate content or a lack of space being the most likely reasons). Because space is very limited, we give preference to creators/works that have not attended previously and then sort the remaining applicants on a first come first serve basis. Full tables will cost $60. Half tables are available for $30.
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Your real name (and/or company name if applicable), for invoicing purposes
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This is how we'll contact you and invoice you if your application is successful.
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This is the name we'll use to refer to you on social media and in the table placement map, etc.
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Do you have a website?
We may refer to your website for examples of your work if we're unfamiliar. This is also the URL we'll link to on social media.
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Please describe the kind of content you make, especially if you're bringing something new! *
Just tell us what kind of comics you're bringing to Comicstreet! This helps us figure out what kind of event we've got on our hands and what to tell people to expect.
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Do you have any table placement requests?
We'll try to place you near friends so that you can help each other! If you have any other special requests, please mention them here.
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