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Welcome! Please fill out this form with as much information as possible so that I may contact you and create your commission! Don't worry, all this information is only accessible TO ME. So PLEASE double check that all responses are filled out with the correct information!
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These are the standard STARTING/MINIMUM prices of a single character. Prices are subject to change depend on details given! I will e-mail you with a final price and invoice. Multiple characters increase the price as well. If you have a budget, e-mail me and we can work around what option might be best for you. Select "Other" if you are interested in something other than a character commission.
"Sponsored" Project
ONLY FILL THIS OUT IF YOU WANT TO "SPONSOR" A PIECE! Sponsored projects are specific pieces Rin wishes to create for product. By sponsoring a piece, you will be shipped, for free, some of the product created and a high res PSD+PNG that you may use for self promotion and monetization, if you so choose. In return, Rin will have dual ownership of the art and be able to sell the product from her store/conventions.
Do you have a specific budget?
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Characters: *
How many characters does your piece have? Additional characters adds to the price!
I occasionally stream commissions on Twitch.tv/RinTheYordle. Am I allowed to stream your commission?
Please type N/A if not applicable (example: You want me to choose based off your character, or you are doing a "sponsored" project). How do you want your character(s) positioned? Is it a happy piece? Is it more environmentally involved, where your character(s) is standing on a beach looking out at the sunset? Or do you just need a character sheet, showing front, back, and side? Do not give me character DETAILS here, that is for later. Just give me an example of how you see your commission! REMINDER: Sketch commissions I draw at my own discretion!
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Please describe your CHARACTER(s) here: *
Please type N/A if not applicable (such as, your are picking a "sponsored" project). Please LINK TO as MANY picture you can to reference their clothing, gear, facial and body structure, and more!
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Do you want a BACKGROUND? *
Please type N/A if not applicable. Please SPECIFY with as MUCH detail as possible, and as MUCH picture references as possible! REMINDER: some drawings do not come with backgrounds. IE: Sketch Commission, Chibis, Emotes. If you need a background for these, please list it but remember it may cost more!
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Additional Notes?
Do you have a deadline? Questions? Comments to add on? Let me know here!
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