The partners of the European Creative Hubs Network project are pleased to announce the first European Creative Hubs Forum. The event organised by Nova Iskra/Kulturni Kod willtake place at the Yugoslav Film Archives in Belgrade, Serbia, from September 22nd to 24th, 2016. It will bring together 100+ managers and representatives of European hubs and creative and entrepreneurial communities from more than 20 countries, as well as all relevant organizations and stakeholders from Serbia and the region of South-Eastern Europe.

WE are currently running an open call for participation for all interested hub leaders, managers or representatives from across Europe. The deadline to apply is 20th July 2016. A number of selected participants will have their travel and accommodation expenses covered by the project.

September 22nd - 24th 2016 @ Yugoslav Film Archive | Belgrade, Serbia| Produced by: Kulturni Kod / Nova Iskra
The European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) is a project co-funded by the European Commission, led by the British Council in partnership with a consortium of European creative hubs, Bios in Greece, Addict in Portugal, betahaus in Germany, Kulturni Kod/Nova Iskra in Serbia, Creative Edinburgh in the UK, Factoria Cultural in Spain, and the European Business Network (EBN). The project will run for 24 months, from 15 February 2016.

ECHN aims to enhance the ecosystem that supports the development and growth of the creative and cultural sector, through transnational exchange of experience and knowledge, in particular by supporting the subsistence and growth of creative hubs in Europe, creating a community of experienced creative hubs leaders across Europe from a variety of sectors, business models and stage, and promoting hubs as innovative models to support the creative economy in Europe.

Through this project, Creative Hubs managers from Europe will be able to connect with peers and gain access to a community of hubs, visit and learn from creative hubs across Europe, exchange best practice and strengthen skills, as well as learn about successful and sustainable business models.

How Work Works? European Creative Hubs Forum
Through its central question and theme - HOW WORK WORKS? - the forum will investigate the shifting paradigm of work as seen through the prism of creative hubs - emerging organizations that are playing an active part within the dynamic changes in the job global and local markets, by empowering individuals, entrepreneurial projects and connections between new business and creativity.

Creative hubs have become new models for creative enterprises to grow, and invaluable mechanisms of change and assets to the creative sector. Creative hubs are uniquely diverse in structure, sector and services, qualifying them as a great driver for growth, competitiveness and innovation in the creative industries. They range from collective and co-operative, to labs and incubators; and can be static, mobile or online. In addition to encouraging collaboration, generating distinctive cultural practice, and offering much needed exhibition and events space, they also bring added value to agendas in regeneration, tourism, inward investment and educations.

The forum aims to map out the diverse eco-system of hubs, and to showcase the richness, diversity and importance of the European hub landscape, having in mind that these organizations play a key role in supporting young entrepreneurs and creative professionals across the continent, as well as beyond the borders of EU. Beside offering inspiring and insightful keynotes by leading scholars from Europe and Serbia, some of which will be open to the general public, the conference will create a space for networking and sharing of experience between hub managers through three key sessions, dedicated to various aspects of Space, Community and Business Models.

These three aspects are all common denominators for any hub that aspires to be a creative meeting point of emerging professionals and their new opportunities, and will be reflected on through case study presentations, panel discussions and intensive workgroups. We are aiming to enable participants to share personal experiences and thoughts in an environment that caters for a smaller audience and which will include several group work activities, in order to maximise participants’ opportunities to share with their peers.

The working sessions of the conference will also be followed by more informal networking formats, free consultations for local and international experts, visits to the local cultural venues and hubs, optional field trips and other special programs. We hope to develop a solid base for a long-term networking framework for Europe’s hubs through this process. How Work Works? Is the first in a series of three fora of the ECHN project, with the other two taking place in 2017, in Athens and Porto respectively. The official working language of the conference will be English.

Call for participation
At the Creative Hubs Forum in Belgrade, creative hubs managers (and professionals) from Europe will have a chance to meet, network, exchange best practices and discuss topics of common interest. The forum will welcome a limited number of participants to ensure maximum organic interaction and manageable sized sessions to the benefit of participants.

We are currently running an open call for participation at the forum, with the aim to showcase the hub diversity across Europe and offer you and your organization a chance to network, learn and grow partnerships. The European Creative Hubs Forum will come in a condensed format, gathering a maximum number of 150 participants (including the speakers and moderators), in order to allow effective direct face-to-face interactions. We are aiming to enable participants to share personal experiences and thoughts in an environment that caters for a smaller audience and which will include several group work activities, in order to maximise participants’ opportunities to share with their peers. The full conference agenda will be available and communicated in August.

Draft programme:
Thursday Sept 22nd - 6 PM - keynote event + informal networking (registered participants + local public)
Friday Sept 23rd - 9.30 AM - 6.30 PM - working sessions and keynotes (registered participants only)
Saturday Sept 24th - 9.30 AM - 1 PM - wrap-up session and final keynote (registered participants only)

In case that your application to participate is approved, we will be able to cover expenses for one representative of your organization - which includes travel costs to and from Belgrade and accommodation costs for two nights (Sept 23rd and 24th). These will be organized and booked by Nova Iskra, and covered by the project budget. In case you would like to have additional representatives at the conference at the expense of your organization, you are welcome to propose that, but we cannot guarantee the participation at this point due to available capacity.

Registration form and deadlines
If you are interested in participating in the first ECHN forum in Belgrade, please fill in the registration form, no later than Wednesday, July 20th 2016 by 23:59 hrs (GMT+1).

We reserve the right to run a selection process of participants based on the registration forms, should the number of interested parties be higher than expected. In case that your application is approved, you will be contacted by Nova Iskra staff in order to organize the logistics of your stay in Belgrade.

If you have any additional questions about the conference program or other details, do not hesitate to contact Relja Bobić, How Work Works? Forum Director and Program Manager at Nova Iskra, at

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