Call for HITCON Winter Training 2017
惡意的攻擊行為層出不窮,資安攻防技術持續的深化,無論政府、民間產業乃至個人都期盼做足資安防護措施,精進相關知識技能以迎接未來更大的衝擊與挑戰。HITCON Training 冬季班在此敬邀世界各地資安專家踴躍投稿,為資安環境共同努力。

不論您的專長在 IoT Security、Web Security、OS Security、Mobile Security、Container Security、Car Hacking、Wi-Fi Hacking、Vulnerability Research、Exploitation Technique、Shellcoding、Reverse Engineering、Digital Forensics、Risk management、Intelligence、CTF或是資安通識課程,任何領域的稿件我們都歡迎!


Malicious attacks are emerging continually. The offensive and defensive strategies are getting sophisticated. The government officials, industries and the individuals all want to enhance their related techniques and knowledge to improve the defensive measure of cyber security. HITCON wants to invite the cyber security professionals from all over the world to submit the new researches for HITCON Winter Training 2017 and make an effort on the cyber security environment together!

The topics of the submissions could be IoT Security, Web Security, OS Security, Mobile Security, Container Security, Car Hacking, Wi-Fi Hacking, Vulnerability Research, Exploitation Technique, Shellcoding, Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics, Risk management, Intelligence, CTF and the general courses. We all welcome!

The submissions are not limited to the elementary level or the advanced level and the speakers are not limited to Taiwanese or the foreigners. We hope that the trainees could have a deep learning through the hands-on practices and experience the mystery of the cyber security in different levels of courses.

投稿日期:10/6 (五) ~ 10/24 (二)
開課時間:12 / 4(一)~ 12 / 6(三)

Submission Deadline:October 24 (Tuesday)
Training Date:December 4 (Monday) to December 6 (Wednesday)

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