Collegi Pixelmon Server Bug Report
Hey! Thanks for taking the time to fill out this bug report. Please remember that the more complete and detailed your bug report, the faster it will let us resolve the problem. We even rank bug reports according to how easy they are to solve, and offer you unique prizes for especially good ones!

* Basic Report - 50% or less of Requested information - 0 Cols awarded.
* Moderate Report - Basic information plus a screenshot if relevant, or tracing information - 50 Cols
* Advanced Report - 75% or more information filled in, screenshot provided - 100 Cols
* Expert Report - Most information filled in, screenshot provided, easy to follow steps, quick to reproduce - 200 Cols
* Master Report - Above and beyond. You even provided log files. Awesome. Thank you so much. - 400 Cols

The number of questions varies depending on the path you take through the report, i.e. what type of bug you have, so the progress indicator may not always be totally accurate.

So please be detailed, and you may even get a reward out of it!

Let's get started!

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