DCHS Yearbook Staff Application, 2021-22
Answer all questions thoroughly and to the best of your ability. Applications are due Tuesday, April 13.
Name *
Email *
Phone Number *
Grade NEXT school year: *
List all activities you plan on being involved in next year and, if applicable, any leadership positions you may hold. *
Have you had any prior experience with yearbook publication? *
Being a part of the yearbook staff requires thinking outside of the box and looking at things a different way. How do you express yourself creatively? *
A huge part of a successful staff is being able to work together and take constructive criticism. What does that mean to you? *
One thing we are really trying to work on for our book is copy (stories). Discuss your writing strength and how you could improve (if needed). *
We will need recommendations from 2 teachers you had during the 2020-21 school year (one of whom must be your English teacher). Please list the teachers names and email addresses below. *
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