Bay Area Vocal Academy Financial Aid Application
Fill out the form below to apply for need-based scholarship grants or work study for the Bay Area Vocal Academy or BAVA Summer Workshop. Once your complete application has been received, the scholarship committee will review the request and determine award. Financial aid is not guaranteed to all applicants, and awards may vary in amount. Decisions will be communicated as soon as possible--usually within a few weeks of application. Please write to us with any questions you have. We look forward to singing with you this year!
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Work study grants allow selected artists to subsidize their participation in BAVA by working to support the program. Duties will include social media posts and maintenance, logistics and setup of our rehearsal spaces, email marketing and audience development, and outreach performances in schools and community organizations. The time commitment will be approximately 4 hours a week (arrangements for summer TBD). Participation is contingent upon fulfilling the duties set by the BAVA co-directors.
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