Prearranged Absence Request Form
Fill out this form if you need to prearrange an absence from an AMIGOS training event. Foreseen: Fill out the online absence request form at least 2 weeks in advance (for sports games, recitals, graduation, etc.). These will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may be counted as excused or unexcused, partial or complete absences, depending on the circumstances and advance warning given.

Emergency absence (day before or day of): Contact the Trainers immediately by phone instead of filling out this form. Call (425) 610-8239

Please refer to your Family Handbook for absence policies and consequences.

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The Seattle Chapter requires you to make up any missed trainings within 2 weeks. Do you agree to do this? *
If your absence is not deemed "excused" the Seattle Chapter's board of directors will review your involvement and commitment to the AMIGOS program. Their suggestion may be that you have to attend training at the National Office in Houston prior to departure which may incur additional family costs. Are you aware of this policy? *
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