NDR Indy Rally - August 8 - 9, 2020
Time to get ready for Nationals 2020. That's right, Indianapolis will be hosting a NDR Rally weekend to allow racers the opportunity to gets some seat time on the hill with the NDR Wheel bank.

Location: Wilbur Shaw Memorial Hill
Format of weekend:
- All cars will be given a quick shell-on inspection prior to scaling
- 1 Double Elimination race per division spread out over 2 days
- Fees: $50

Saturday - August 8, 2020
7:30 AM - Inspections/Scaling begins for Stock Division
9:00 AM - Race begins for Stock Division
9:30 AM - Inspections/Scaling begins for Super Stock Division
11:00 AM - Race begins for Super Stock Division
12:30 PM - Inspections/Scaling begins for NDR Wrap Division
1:30 PM - Race begins for NDR Wrap Division

Sunday - August 9, 2020
7:30 AM - Inspections/Scaling begin for Legacy Division
8:15 AM - Race begins for Legacy Division
8:45 AM - Inspections/Scaling begin for Masters Division
10:15 PM - Race begins for Masters Division

Drivers must register for each division they plan on participating in. For Stock, Super Stock, and Masters, a driver may only participate in 1 of those three divisions. In addition, a driver may participate in the Wrap and/or Legacy divisions.

Health and Safety Advisory - As all should know, the Coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Participation in this event is by your own choice. The NDR and Indianapolis Soap Box Derby organizations will do our best to help provide items to reduce risk such as hand sanitizers and masks. However, we need everyone's cooperation in using the health related items, following any health and safety protocols we put in place, and practicing appropriate distancing. In addition, we need you to be forthright in making sure that if you have been exposed or have any symptoms that could be related to Coronavirus, please make sure to keep everyone's health and safety in mind and refrain from coming to the event.
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