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The conversation on decolonising education in Africa is just getting started. People all across the world must take a stance against unwholesome education provision in Africa, and SchoolRun Academy stands in solidarity with the struggle for our children and young people to be prepared to become, competent, civil and economic viable individuals.


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Support Education Beyond The Classroom
1. We research areas for:
- Academic interventions
- Collaborations beyond the school boundaries and
- Organise free capacity building events for Stakeholders in education.
- Business education services for start-ups, small to micro enterprises and arrisans.
- Free upskilling for Civil Servants.
- Employability Support for school leavers and unemployed graduates.

We believe that our role is to bring together people of like minds by providing an open, inclusive platform to defend the voiceless and make their voices to be heard by millions leading to the development of appropriate solution (content, delivery and evaluation)

2. Education is key to National Development so we build a future of Hope and avoid catastrophic economic consequences in our Society.

3. SchoolRun is committed to helping bring knowledge that is needed to change people's mindset, from people who are masters of their games .
With your support, we can intensify our ambitions.

4. Send us feedback on our offerings to help us refine our services to meet our objectives.
We believe everyone deserves access to quality and equitable education, and opportunities from reputable sources.

5. We stand for integrity and we are committed to education and learning. Why, unlike many others, we made a choice: to keep our services free for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.
As an open, online education service organisation.
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