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Hiring outside of commissions
if you'd like to inquire about availability for long-term projects, studio work, or other opportunities; please disregard this form and contact my email directly.
About Multiple Character Pricing
+50% is added for each character beyond the first.

for example;
halfbody illustrations are $140.
50% of $140 is $70
therefor for a piece that features two characters, it would be;
$140 + 50% [$70] = $210 total

Continue to add the 50% [$70] for each additional character.
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Please refer to the prices & style examples above.
if you are not ordering flat-style, please leave this blank. Backgrounds on illustrations are automatically included.
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Buying the Rights *
If you would like to use your commission for anything beyond personal use, you will be required to buy the rights to the piece. Should you need the rights, we will discuss rates privately via email.
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Be as descriptive as possible! I opt to take on orders that have clear visual references; if you do not have any image references, feel free to describe as best you can in writing. You can also supplement your text-description with various unrelated images (such as a pinterest board of inspiration for your character). The more descriptive/visual you are, the easier it will be for me to be accurate to your vision!
Name you'd like to be referred by (+pronouns if you'd like!) *
example: Ravenna, they/she
Request a deadline
You may request a date that you'd like your order to be completed by. PLEASE note that this will require me to potentially reorganize my queue of work, and depending on the time-frame, will require a rush-order fee. Fees will be discussed in private based on how quickly you need your piece.
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