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UPDATED 05/17/2021 with urgent, updated links to fundraisers! Please continue to donate and amplify!

Right now, India is battling a deadly variant and second wave of the the Corona virus. There are hardly any vaccines to be found even for those most well resourced, oxygen shortages are killing COVID patients that should be healing, and mass funeral pyres are burning and burials are happening round the clock. We are currently seeing the highest death rate in the world, without any clear picture of how to get out of it. The organizations below are providing life saving resources for the people of India.

We are SOLD OUT of totes! In place of the totes, we will be sending a 20% discount code to everyone who donates! Thank you SO MUCH! Through your support we have raised $491,000. Please still fill out the form so we can continue to tally donations!



1. VERY URGENT!!! - Athrout x Kashmir Box: providing daily rations AND medical supplies to Kashmir that is systematically underfunded and neglected, and currently has a ban on most NGOs ability to receive foreign funds. Athrout has found a fantastic workaround in a time of dire need.

2. Our wonderful partners Work + Shelter are raising $$$ to keep their entire team safe at home whilst still fully paid, and in anticipation of medical costs that may arise. They're building something truly powerful in a textile industry rife with labor abuses, so let's help them do this work!

3. World Central Kitchen - WCK has joined forces with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to get freshly prepared meals to hospital staff working around the clock in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. We have served tens of thousands of meals so far, and we'll be expanding to hospitals in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Gurgaon this week.!/donation/checkout?c_src=CFIchallenge

4. Kalap Trust in Uttarakhand - KT works with smallholder farmers in the mountains of Uttarakhand, where COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on an already very, very thinly stretched and underresourced rural medical system. They're fundraising to rent spaces to turn into makeshift hospitals, buy oxygen concentrators, and more!

4. Parivar Bay Area: partnering with on-the-ground partners across 26 locations 8 states to bring health kits and food to the Indian trans community!

5. Vrikshit Foundation: food rations for Mumbai's sex workers and their families, out of which 600+ have been identified as in need of support


1. People for Change: battling hunger through daily rations to the trans community and sex workers in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Sex workers are battling a complete loss of income, high HIV rates that increase susceptibility to the virus, and so many other challenges right now, these are folks we really want to rally for!

2. Adventures Without Boundaries Foundation: organising vaccination access and support for folks with disabilities across Mumbai

3. Khaana Chahiye: distributing meals to the most vulnerable in the city of Mumbai. Has distributed 60,000 meals so far in this phase of the lockdown.

4. Project Mumbai: working with several public hospitals to provide them with life-saving healthcare equipment and supplies, to cope with the significant stress on the hospital system.

5. Mazdoor Kitchen: providing meals, masks, and ration kits to hundreds of people across north delhi, ever since the beginning of the lockdown.

6. Mission Oxygen: helping hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators

7. Ambulance Network: HelpNow is an Initiative by young students providing a safe, 24x7 logistics network for transporting COVID patients/suspects, Drugs, Phlebotomists, Healthcare workers (docs, nurses) and Blood/Organs/Medical supplies in India.

*We will not be honoring donations made to Sewa International due to their pro-Hindutva values that are in direct opposition both to what we stand for and to the spirit of helping in this crisis.
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