River KATS: Kid Activism Through Science - Field Trip Sign-Up
Inland Empire Waterkeeper is proud to announce that the 12th year of River KATS has begun! Applications will be available starting the week of August 6, 2018. River KATS will bring your class to a local watershed destination, which may include a local water body, wetlands, ecological reserves, or wastewater treatment plants. On these field trips. students learn about the Santa Ana River watershed, water quality issues, and environment science topics pertaining to their community. These field trips are sponsored by local organizations and donors in order to promote STEM awareness and to get local students involved in community affairs. To qualify for a free field trip, you must be part of a K-12 Title 1 public schools within Riverside & San Bernardino counties. This award may include all or some of the following: bus reimbursement, facility fee reimbursement, substitute teacher reimbursement

Field trip locations are subject based on school location. For example, the only available destination for schools in Jurupa Valley is the Santa Ana River at the Santa Ana River regional park due to a specific request by the local sponsor. For more information on your school's open locations, feel free to look at iewaterkeeper.org/education.

Please note: Signing up for a field trip does not guarantee a field trip for your class. Should your class be awarded, you will be contacted by e-mail or by phone.

Contact Information:

Ryan Kearns
Education Coordinator
(951) 530-8823
6876 Indiana Avenue, Suite D. Riverside, CA 92506

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