Climate Survey - Student
This survey was adapted from the ED School Climate Surveys from the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Educational Statistics. The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback and collect information that will help administrators to create the best possible learning environment for our students. We appreciate your time and careful consideration in providing this feedback.
About you...
Please tell us just a little bit about yourself.
Are you male or female?
What grade are you currently in at this school?
About the school...
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements about this school?
Throughout the survey, "this school" means activities happening in school buildings, on school grounds, on school buses, and at places that hold school-sponsored events or activities. Unless otherwise specified, this refers to normal school hours or to times when school activities/events were in session.
All students are treated the same, regardless of whether their parents are rich or poor.
Boys and girls are treated equally well.
Adults working at this school treat all students respectfully.
People of different cultural backgrounds, races, or ethnicities get along well at this school.
Teachers understand my problems.
Teachers are available when I need to talk with them.
It is easy to talk with teachers at this school.
My teachers care about me.
My teachers make me feel good about myself.
Students respect one another.
Students like one another.
If I am absent, there is a teacher or some other adult at school that will notice my absence.
I regularly attend school-sponsored events, such as school dances, sporting events, student performances, or other school activities.
I regularly participate in extra-curricular activities offered through this school, such as, school clubs or organizations, musical groups, sports teams, student government, or any other extra-curricular activities.
At this school, students have lots of chances to help decide things like class activities and rules.
There are lots of chances for students at this school to get involved in sports, clubs, and other school activities outside of class.
I have lots of chances to be part of class discussions or activities.
I feel like I belong.
Students at this school get along well with each other.
At this school, students talk about the importance of understanding their own feelings and the feelings of others.
At this school, students work on listening to others to understand what they are trying to say.
I am happy to be at this school.
I feel like I am part of this school.
I feel socially accepted.
I feel safe at this school.
I feel safe going to and from this school.
I sometimes stay home because I don’t feel safe at this school.
Students at this school carry weapons.
Students at this school threaten to hurt other students.
Students at this school steal money, electronics, or other valuable things while at school.
Students at this school damage or destroy other students' property.
Students at this school are teased or picked on about their race or ethnicity.
Students at this school are teased or picked on about their cultural background or religion.
Students at this school are teased or picked on about their physical or mental disability.
The next two questions are about bullying. Bullying happens when one or more students tease, threaten, spread rumors about, hit, shove or hurt another student. It is not bullying when students of about the same strength or power argue or fight or tease each other in a friendly way. Bullies are usually stronger, or have more friends or more money, or some other power over the student being bullied. Usually, bullying happens over and over, or the student being bullied thinks it might happen over and over.
Students at this school are often bullied.
Students at this school try to stop bullying.
This question is about cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.
Students often spread mean rumors or lies about others at this school on the internet (i.e., Facebook™, email, and instant message).
Drugs means any substance, including those used to get “high” or increase performance in school or sports, other than alcohol or tobacco. Examples include marijuana, illegal drugs, inhalants, synthetic drugs used to get high (K-2, bath salts, white lightning), or over-the-counter medicine. This does not include medications prescribed by doctor or nurse for the person, but includes prescription drugs that are NOT prescribed to the person by his/her doctor.

“Alcohol” means a full or part of a drink of alcohol. Examples include beer, wine, mixed drink, shot of liquor, or any combination of these alcoholic drinks. This does not include alcohol that you may drink for religious purposes.

Students use/try alcohol or drugs while at school or school-sponsored events.
It is easy for students to use/try alcohol or drugs at school or school-sponsored events without getting caught.
Students at this school think it is okay for students to smoke cigarettes.
Students at this school think it is okay to get drunk.
Students at this school think it is okay to try drugs.
Students know what to do if there is an emergency, natural disaster (tornado, flood) or a dangerous situation(e.g. violent person on campus) during the school day.
If students hear about a threat to school or student safety, they would report it to someone in authority.
The bathrooms in this school are clean.
The temperature in this school is comfortable all year round.
The school grounds are kept clean.
I think that students are proud of how this school looks on the outside.
Broken things at this school get fixed quickly.
My teachers praise me when I work hard in school.
My teachers give me individual attention when I need it.
My teachers often connect what I am learning to life outside the classroom.
The things I’m learning in school are important to me.
My teachers expect me to do my best all the time.
My teachers really care about me.
I can talk to my teachers about problems I am having in class.
I can talk to a teacher or other adult at this school about something that is bothering me.
Students at this school stop and think before doing anything when they get angry.
Students at this school try to work out their disagreements with other students by talking to them.
My teachers make it clear to me when I have misbehaved in class.
Adults working at this school reward students for positive behavior.
Adults working at this school help students develop strategies to understand and control their feelings and actions.
School rules are applied equally to all students.
Discipline is fair.
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