Donate to the Nonprofit Wellness pilot project
Seeking: businesses and wellness professionals who want to make a difference for nonprofit workers. This short form takes about 3 minutes to complete, unless you really obsess over it.

This September, 60 stressed world-changers will Pilot (test) a wellness project intended to boost their physical, mental, and team well-being. You are invited to be part of the "webstore" where they make their choices.

We are providing what applicants requested. See the asks & neighborhoods: (go to "Shop")

Your donation will make an immediate difference in someone's life, and will also contribute to research on nonprofits. For the accounting ease of this low-budget, volunteer-run pilot, we seek donations (not discounts) and are keeping paid partnership options open for the future. Duration of Wellness Pilot: September 4, 2018 - February 28, 2019.

Audience and Marketing:
* The pilot serves 60 nonprofit participants at 13 groups (82% female, 65% people of color, 52% earn <$75K/yr).
* Donor businesses & donations will be browse-able in the Wellness Webstore, where participants choose benefits.
* Your business (or its contractors) are invited to do group presentations at offices or join our educational Tribe.
* We hope you'll let us help market your business/brand via email, web & social media.

Evaluation: We will be professionally evaluating this project, including surveying your business to measure your results and gather feedback for moving forward. Thank you for caring for society's caretakers! We look forward to partnering with you,
-- The Team

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5. How many products/classes/hours are you contributing, and what's the value? *
THIS CAN BE A DRAFT but it's ultimately for the Webstore listing: We need to know how many INDIVIDUAL or GROUP items/packages you are providing, and the retail value of those items. Please include language or "taglines" that you want included in your summary.
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6. There's a new Tribe of Wellness Mentors forming. This group of experts provides content and links for a stream of public-facing educational content. Want (someone) to join?
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