2018-2019 IHSADA Retired/Former Athletic Director Membership & State Convention Registration
Welcome to the IHSADA!!

This form will be used to confirm your registration as member of the IHSADA and/or to register for the IHSADA State Convention. Please feel free to provide this link to other retired ADs. Our membership doubled last year and we want to continue to grow as Retired ADs.

2018-2019 marks the 51st year of the IHSADA. It was never more evident of the impact of the Retired ADs than during our 50th Year celebration of the IHSADA!! Our goal in 2018-2019 is to add to our membership of Retired ADs and to develop ways to keep our Retired ADs involved with the IHSADA. Your significance to the IHSADA cannot be measured. We are asking you to submit suggestions, ideas and activities that would add to your involvement. One example of suggested activities is to fully implement the idea of season passes for LIFETIME Retired ADs to all regular season games, matches, and activities. In the past this may or may not been done. In 2018-2019, Gary Schroeder, our Retired AD Liaison, will coordinate this feature to ensure full implementation.

The payment should be sent to the following address.

Judge Johnston - Athletic Director
Ames High School
1921 Ames High Drive
Ames, IA 50010

Special Note: Retired ADs can attend any or all sessions of the State Convention free of charge.

Special Note: After completing this form, a confirmation/invoice notice will be sent to you via email. Please allow 24 hours for the return invoice.

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