North West & Central Region Canoe Polo League Entry Form 2017/2018
Please read this page, then click next and fill out the details in the form to make your entry for the 2017/2018 NWC Canoe Polo League. Any questions or for further information please see the website: or contact:

Please ensure you answer or select all required (* starred) questions or the form will not allow you to progress onto the next page and ensure you click submit on the final page or the form will not be sent, you will receive an email confirmation if submission was successful.

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Division Organisers *
The league will not run without volunteers to organise the divisions, if yourself or another member of your club/team would be willing to run a division this season please let us know. It is not a difficult job requiring a couple of hours of your time pre-season (End of August to early september), about an hour of your time in advance of each tournament, (you don't have to be personally at each tournament as long as you ensure that the kit is there and someone responsible is there to make sure things go smoothly and approximately an hour after each tournament as well. For more information the full list of responsibilities can be found here:
Entry Dates:
With a smaller volunteer team this year and in an attempt to reduce the need to chase entries after the deadline, the discount this year will be dependent on ensuring your entry is received on time and a surcharge will be forfeit if you enter after the final deadline.

Discount Applicable: (i.e. No Admin fee required)
Initial Entry Closing date: Discount Deadline extended to 31/08/17 due to unknown national league dates!
Payment in full made by Date: 10/09/2017 (Either transfer made to bank or cheque with the treasurer)

All entries made after the final entry date of 31/08/2017 will incur a further £30 surcharge which must be paid with your initial entry fee asap after entering.

League Structure
We had originally planned to revamp the structure for this year in an attempt to increase the number of games played by each team at each tournament and create better value for money but with the National League revamp and the nightmare with date availability/uncertainty this has created and a lack of volunteers to help out with planning this hasn't happened, but we have decided to reduce the cost slightly for the lower divisions to help out a little where we can.

Division 1:
We expect 6 Teams in Div 1 and will therefore have 2 tournaments, if more teams enter further tournaments can be added as required.

Division 2:
We expect to be a 10 team league, although contingency for 12 teams is allowed.
10 team League: 6 tournaments total, everyone attends 4. Play everyone twice. Min 4 Games per team per Tournament.
12 team league: 2 seeding tournaments, division splits into 2 groups of six. Attend 2 further tournaments and play everyone in your group twice. (Upper tier tournaments at Stockport, lower tier at Cheadle). 5 Games per team at every tournament.

Divisions 3 & 4:
We expect to be 8 team leagues, with 5 tournaments scheduled, each team attending 4. Min 3 games per team per tournament.
If more entries are received than expected these can be expanded as required, new dates will be booked where possible.

Dates for each division are below:
Due to National League dates currently being unconfirmed all dates are subject to change, although we will only move if there is an obvious clash.
Division 1:
Division 1 will be a two tournament division where all teams attend both tournaments before Christmas

Tournament 1: 21/10/17 - Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
Tournament 2: 16/12/17 - Grand Central, Stockport


However if we get more entries than expected the division will be expanded and more tournaments added for the new year, we will let you know as soon after entries close as we can.

Division 2:
Teams will play 4 out of 6 tournaments: (or 3/6 for a 12 team league)

Tournament 1: 14/10/2017 - Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
Tournament 2: 21/10/2017 - Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
Tournament 3: 28/10/2017 - Life Leisure, Cheadle
Tournament 4: 09/12/2017 - Grand Central, Stockport
Tournament 5: 24/02/2018 - Life Leisure, Cheadle
Tournament 6: 24/03/2018 - Grand Central, Stockport


When entering you agree that you are able to attend ALL of the dates listed above as a 12 team league will not allow for choosing which you wish to attend.

Division 3:
Teams will play 4 out of 5 tournaments:

Tournament 1: 21/10/2017 - Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
Tournament 2: 02/12/2017 - Life Leisure, Cheadle
Tournament 3: 20/01/2018 - Life Leisure, Cheadle
Tournament 4: 03/02/2018 - Life Leisure, Cheadle
Tournament 5: 17/02/2018 - Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent


Please ensure you state in the appropriate box if there are any tournaments in the list you cannot make and why you cannot make it.

Division 4:
Teams will play 4 out of 5 tournaments:

Tournament 1: 14/10/2017 - Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
Tournament 2: 04/11/2017 - Life Leisure, Cheadle
Tournament 3: 25/11/2017 - Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent
Tournament 4: 27/01/2017 - Life Leisure, Cheadle
Tournament 5: 24/02/2017 - Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent


Please ensure you state in the appropriate box if there are any tournaments in the list you cannot make and why you cannot make it.

Conditions of Entry
1. Your Team and Club will abide by the governance regulations outlined in the NWC Canoe Polo League rules which are obtainable at

2. All competitors must be members of your club and your club must be affiliated to British Canoeing for the whole season or have alternative equivalent insurance arrangements in place. Competitors do not need to be individual British Canoeing Comprehensive members. We do not ask for team/squad lists and there is no limit to the number of players that can play in any particular team throughout a season.

3. All teams should provide a referee at any tournament they attend of a level appropriate to the league they are competing in, for reference this is the expected minimum level:
Division 1: Grade 2
Division 2: Grade 3
Division 3: Grade 4
Division 4: Grade 4 (although a G3/4 theory pass is acceptable)
The league reserves the right to impose fines (usually league point deductions) for failure to provide a referee of sufficient standard/capability.

4. Pool fees will still be due If your team fails to attend a tournament, regardless of notice given.

5. A discount to the value of the Admin fee can be applied if the team is paying all their season pool fees up front. For this to apply though the entry form must be received by the league before the first entry deadline as stated above and the cheque/bank transfer must be received by the treasurer before the 1st September 2017.

6. University teams MUST pay all up front or have paid the full amount by/at the first tournament they attend. No exceptions. They will only benefit from the discount like other teams if paid up by 1st September.

7. We accept that there may be a requirement or benefit for club members competing in higher regional divisions to 'play down' in a lower division. This can help the development of players and ensure fixtures can be fulfilled. Teams should make the tournament organiser aware of any players 'playing down' Teams should only have one player playing down in any one match. The player is expected to play at an equivalent level to the division being played. Tournament organisers have the authority to scratch matches if they feel teams are not abiding by the spirit of 'playing down'. Teams will be able to refer this to the League Coordinator if they feel a decision is unfair.

8. In line with the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit and British Canoeing recommendations, we require any person who wishes to engage in video or photography to register with the tournament organiser prior to carrying out such photography. If you are concerned about photography taking place please inform the tournament organiser.

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